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About us

Assfalg GmbH is a middlesized owner-run company located by Stuttgart founded 1932 nealry in the 4th generation. Assfalg is dealer and manufacturer as well in the chamfering and deburring machine sector as in the magnetic lifting and clamping sector. Assfalg is an innovative specialist in these sectors and covers a wide range of standart requiries but also produces and finds solution for special customized products. Nationally and internationally, we support the metalworking industry.

Products and services

The Electropermanent Battery Lifter SB500 is a top product from ASSFALG magnets in the load range of 500 kg for flat material and 200 kg for round material. It combines the advantages of both permanent lifters and electro-permanent lifters.

No battery power flows during lifting (only a current pulse for a few seconds is required for magnetizing or demagnetizing). A built in security mechanism prevents switching when the load is suspended. The electro-permanent technology maintains full holding force even during power failure, therefore unintentional release of the load is prevented.

Switching manually using the pushbuttons on the magnet or with a radio remote control. Very suitable with its auto-mode for multiple use on spreader beams or single operation. Application on the crane.

SB500 Electropermanent Battery Lifter

SB500 Electropermanent Battery Lifter

The electropermanent battery lifter SB500 is a top product in the load range of 500 kg for flat material and 200 kg for round material. Using a current pulse of less than one second the electro-permanent battery lifter SB500 from ASSFALG Magnets may be switched manually using pushbuttons or automatically. Although during transport of the load no current flows, the workpiece remains safely clamped like a permanent magnet.

EPM Magnetic Chuck Magnaslot

EPM Magnetic Chuck Magnaslot

The patented (EPM) electropermanent quadratic pole plate ***Patent-Nr. EP1874504*** is the perfect solution to clamp ferromagnetic materials reliably and energy-efficient on machine tools. The patent applies the "full steel surface" of this EPM magnetic chuck. Magnetic clamping chucks with a solid steel surface are more resistant against hot chips, coolants and other processing conditions.

Chamfering Machine, handheld, electric SMA 20-E

Chamfering Machine, handheld, electric SMA 20-E

The electric, handheld Chamfering Machine is an ideal solution for deburring edges and contours. Its ergonomic handle grip (two-hand operation) enables stable and safe deburring.

- Chamfering of flat workpieces made of steel, stainless steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals and plastic
- Chamfering of straight edges and contours
- Rounding edges

News & Innovations

Electropermanent Battery Lifting Magnet Safebat  In the development of magnetic lifters the Electropermanent Battery Lifting Magnet Safebat from ASSFALG magnets represents the top of the magnetic lifting technology. They combine the advantages of the Permanent Lifting Magnets and the Electro Lifting Magnets.

Electric impulses can switch the Electropermanent Battery Lifting Magnets within seconds. This can be done automatically or manually by pressing a button. While transporting the load no electrical power flows and yet the work piece is clamped as safe as with a permanent lifting magnet.

The electropermenent battery magnetic lifter Safebat can be used both in individual operation and several magnetic lifters on traveres. Therefore the Safebat lifters show an interesting alternative for the 3-shift operation.
The Safebat and the SB500 from ASSFALG magnets became an indispensable tool for lifting and clamping operations in the metal working industry.

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Assfalg GmbH
Buchstr. 149
73525 Schwaebisch Gmuend

Phone: +49 7171 92505-0
Fax: +49 7171 92505-50

Ronald Assfalg
CEO Dipl.Wirtschaft.-Ing.
Phone: +49 7171 9250513

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